A Life Essay

Some thoughts about growing up:

I’m very proud that you were offered a bigger role at work. I also understand that you have fears / concerns about taking it: this is part of growing into the world and becoming an adult. You may cite a fear of failure, but psychology experts will instead describe that as a ‘fear of success’ .. in either case, it is holding you back from becoming an adult and from being responsible for yourself.

Everyone grows up and into the world. Everyone gets their own place, creates their own lives; some bounce back home (called ‘boomerangs’) if they don’t get quite the start they need. I was a boomerang a few years back; my brokerage career came to an end and I ran nightclubs and bars for a few years. When I decided to get out of the nightlife, I started working in technology, first as a word processor, then in computer security and then into software development. During the word processor year(s), I found myself back at home with my folks; something that I never thought would happen.

You are just getting started in your life. Right now, you have a familiar and safe place to live. You contribute to the household and for that contribution have extended the illusion and the comfort of your childhood .. and this is just fine. You will always have a safe place here to rest your head, a refer / freezer to raid and speedy WiFi.

Time marches on, with our without us. You must align and extend yourself to what lies ahead. Whether you choose a career or a return to school, you have my support .. but you must do something beyond the status quo to continue your growth into the world. This something we’ll discuss in the next few days, so please think through the trail you want to blaze for yourself and we’ll talk about it.

Let’s see how it works out.

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