Where is all the old content?

I accumulated a pretty significant body of work on my original blog. Unhappily, I did not have an easy and / or cost-effective way to transfer the old content to my new blog at WordPress .. the transfer is still a work in progress; I take a run at it now and again.

Even as a pragmatist, I always hope for the best.

For now, you can access the old content at http://oldblog.opsan.com. Self-referencing blog links will break, but you can work around by changing the URL from ‘blog’ to ‘oldblog’ when accessing the older content.

If you see an article you cannot live without on the old blog, please send me a note and I’ll bring it forward so it won’t disappear should I de-commission the old server.

Thanks for reading!

One Response to Where is all the old content?

  1. John says:

    Do a lot of us a favor and bring over the “Modifying File Names in BizTalk Send Adapters” post (http://oldblog.opsan.com/archive/2004/11/15/180.aspx). It’s one of the better reference pages out there on the topic. It’s short, sweet, and to the point.


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