About Me

What is “a pragmatic evangelist”, anyway?
I’m fortunate enough to work in the grey realm, a “tweener”, so to speak. It is a place where I can be very technical and yet maintain a business focus.
For about five years, I had the third greatest job at Microsoft, behind Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. It  took me through many platforms and products in the search to find the necessary functionality to meet business needs. Since leaving Microsoft, I’ve continued my work in technology evangelism, working as a “hired gun”, performing migration magic and writing whitepapers on a variety of topics, mostly around Cloud and Mobile.
Need a technology whitepaper with business considerations .. or a cloud migration strategy? I’m available (shameless plug) .. drop me a line.
In this blog, I evangelize solutions to which I contribute, products I’m using and other bits about technologies that are working in the real world, through the lens of a pragmatic approach.
Whimsy? You want whimsy? In keeping with my original intent, I’ll have whimsy aplenty.
Comments, suggestions, flames, project opportunities?  My contact information follows.

michael coates, a pragmatic evangelist
mail opsan@opsan.com   text 2064236848@txt.att.net
mobile +1 206 423 6848  |  skype michael.coates.opsan
blog http://blog.opsan.com  |  twitter  |  facebook  |  Linked In

Even more about me

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