Seattle to Portland 2011

ThePatchSTP2011I’m never taking this patch off ..

.. I will wear it until it wears out.

I’m a one-day rider of the 2011 Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. Granted, it took me nearly the whole day (17.5 hours) to complete, but I finished. All 206.44 miles of it (should have been 202, but ..

.. I got lost trying to find the finish line in Portland).

I should have paid better attention to the STP 2011 Route Map (it was quite dark by then).

imageEndomondo captured my STP 2011 Ride on my Android device.

I was using low-power mode to ensure the battery would make the trip. As a result, some of the GPS is a bit choppy.

The weather was perfect; deliciously cool in the morning and 72 degrees all afternoon. Cascade Bicycle Club support .. thanks to the many volunteers was astounding. The riders were amazing; everyone played nice, collaborating and teaming to make the ride a joy for all.

Special thanks to my 24 Hour Fitness trainer, Dana for the stretching advice and new (and painful) core workout. I am sure it contributed to my endurance and stamina.

I rode The Beast .. a 2008 Schwinn Midtown ..


.. for which I received a number of compliments:

  • “Dude .. you rock, pushing that Big Iron”
  • “You are so strong on that bike”
  • “Whoa. Hey look! It’s a guy doing the STP on a mountain bike!”
  • “Not many can say they did STP in one day on a mountain bike!” Note: I cannot say this either; The Beast is a hybrid. It has large, but non-knobby wheels and a significantly lighter (and flimsier) frame than a mountain bike.

Thanks to all for their compliments .. which they gave right before they passed me. I kept up well enough though, averaging 11.8 miles per hour for the duration (including stops). An amazing experience, overall.

I sent Tweets in real time of my progress, with GPS and a few photos:

TheFinishSTP2011It was a very good (and long) day. Considering I am such a fair-weather biker .. and as this year has been the wettest on record, I did very little training.

Endomondo tells part of the tale .. Google Maps tells the rest.

Will I do it in one day again?

While on the ride, I was pretty convinced that I would not. After all, I had proven it to myself.

Next year, I think I’ll do it in two days, seeking shelter in Chehalis on Saturday night .. enjoying a beer, some barbeque and a hot tub.

Of course, something might change .. I might replace The Beast with a more STP-worthy ride .. and then I’ll need to prove it to myself again.

Where do I sign up?

In the Realm of "I’ll play along"

I was looking for the calorie count of six chocolate M&Ms on the Web tonight. I had the pleasure of being redirected to Calorie Count on .. who (after registration) promptly told me:


Yes: according to, I am slightly overweight. That said, 149 pounds is my goal weight? Have you seen my NSFW picture (50th birthday photo shoot)?

I would be heroin chique at 149. Really. What are you folks selling?

Even more fun: you have an interesting article on your site: "Skinniest Models Banned from Catwalk".

Mixed messages, much?

Original Post: December 30, 2008; updated June 15, 2011

IQ and Cholesterol, Part 7

I (sort of) joke about having an IQ that’s higher than my cholesterol level. For the past few sequences, even my body weight is less than my cholesterol. 🙂

The latest numbers, and some comparisons from the last tests (6 months prior):

I’ve posted these over time:

Better, never perfect.

IQ and Cholesterol, Part 6

The latest numbers, and some comparisons from the last tests (15 months prior):

I’ve posted these over time:

I need to do some dietary review .. the cholesterol numbers are all going the wrong way. Other stuff is good though .. will test again in July.

IQ and Cholesterol, Parts 4 and 5

The latest (and the last) numbers came in. I’ve had some fun with my numbers over time:

Part 4: In late 2007, I pleaded with my doctor to go off Lipitor for six months. She said “no” (rather sternly), but let me go off for three months, starting in December 2007. My next test was near the end of February 2008 with these results:

  • Weight: 191
  • Cholesterol: 282
  • HDL: 46
  • LDL: 180

    Happy with me, she was not. Back on the daily pill.

    Part 5: I tested on 10/10/08 with these results:

  • Weight: 185
  • Cholesterol: 184
  • HDL: 53
  • LDL: 110

    She’s happy with me again.

  • My Daily Regimen: Vitamins

    I’m putting up a series of “My Daily Regimen” posts about my workout, weight, diet and vitamin intake. You can find all of them in the “Weights and Measures” section of my blog for future reference.

    My daily vitamin regimen:

    I’ve not done a detailed nutritional analysis of my vitamin intake, but as I maintain a healthy diet, I think these supplements have me covered. Anyone with the desire to do such an analysis, please feel free to share the results.

    This collective regimen along with diet has enabled me to lose 60 pounds over the past five years, keeping it off and changing my body type from ‘a little extra padding’ to ‘athletic’.

    IQ and Cholesterol, Part 3

    I just got an attaboy from my doctor for my labs during my annual checkup. Last September, I posted "By the Numbers".

    I’ve had some fun with my numbers over time:

    The latest numbers? Pretty darned good:

    At 195, I’m only a few pounds higher than my IQ. 😉

    By the Numbers

    Some of the numbers, anyway; after a visit to my doctor:

    My doctor was kind enough to tell me "your numbers are good for a teenager". Maybe this comes from hanging out with the guys from MySpace?

    I’ll have Cholesterol, C-rat and PSA tomorrow; I didn’t fast prior to the blood, so they may be slightly skewed.

    I’ve had some fun with my numbers over time:

    I’ll post the actual numbers when I get them.

    IQ and Cholesterol Level, part Deux

    It has been six months since my last blood work. Happily, my IQ is still higher than my cholesterol level; no: I’m not dumber; the cholesterol is down two points from the last time: “IQ and Cholesterol Level”.

    IQ and Cholesterol Level

    Specifically, mine.  My blood work came back today and my cholesterol level is lower than my IQ.

    :: dances ::

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