I Just HAD to Have This Hat

TheHat20090518While visiting the University Street Fair, I noticed the unusual May sun building to a bit more heat on my pate than I’d have liked .. having just sunburned there whilst overseas a few months back (generating dandruff-type leavings that clogged my keyboard), I thought it best to cover up.

I started looking around for a frugally-priced baseball cap (well, there is an economic ‘reset’ going on) .. I would have accepted something emblazoned with the word “Mariners”.

No dice.

Then I passed the stand with these .. looked at one price and kept walking.

On the way back, I passed the stand again. Picked one up, held it over my head and looked in the mirror.

I put it back and kept walking.

I actually backtracked after a half-block, returning to the stand. I asked for help to find the right size. The vendor obliged, going to the trouble to find the hat with just the right tilt for “attitude” (like I need any more of that).

Had to have it.

I was briefed: “never pinch” and “always handle the hat by the brim”.

Sending some snaps around, I was able to collect the most fun comments:

  • “You’re finally old enough to wear that”.
  • “You remind me of my dad” .. and “You look like a dad” (the latter from my son, no less).
  • “Pimping” (the woman who cut my hair shortly after the purchase). Piece of work, that one.
  • “Just tell them your Jerrold” (one of the snaps was in front of a Subway sign .. I fixed the exposure on one of the images for this post, intended to remove that bit of the corporate-ness of the other image.
  • “Dapper” (talking to myself on the walk back home .. followed by “damn it”).

What do you think? Don’t be shy: I need a way to ensure I’ll stay humble.

About Michael Coates
I am a pragmatic evangelist. The products, services and solutions I write about fulfill real-world expectations and use cases. I stay up-to-date on real products I use and review, and share my thoughts here. I apply the same lens when designing an architecture, product or when writing papers. I am always looking for ways that technology can create or enhance a business opportunity .. not just technology for technology's sake. My CV says: Seasoned technology executive, leveraging years of experience with enterprise and integration architectural patterns, executed with healthy doses of business acumen and pragmatism. That's me. My web site says: Technology innovations provide a myriad of opportunities for businesses. That said, having the "latest and greatest" for its own sake isn't always a recipe for success. Business successes gained through exploiting innovation relies on analysis of how the new features will enhance your business followed by effective implementation. Goals vary far and wide: streamlining operations, improving customer experience, extending brand, and many more. In all cases, you must identify and collect the metrics you can apply to measure your success. Analysis must be holistic and balanced: business and operational needs must be considered when capitalizing on a new technology asset or opportunity.

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