Standardized Cell Phone Chargers by 2012

I’ve been celebrating the fact that my two cell phones charge from USB (HTC Fuze and Motorola Razr).

I’m happy that I need carry only one AC-to-USB transformer, one car-to-USB charger (with two USB ports) and a USB cable or two.  I now have room in my backpack for a paperback book (Fiendish-level Sudoko) .. that I simply didn’t have before.

This trend is catching on, it seems.  The AP (via the Mobiledia) reports a mobile phone industry group Tuesday said 17 wireless operators and handset makers have agreed to standardize chargers by 2012 for most cell phones shipped.

The group includes, AT&T, T-Mobile, Nokia, Samsung and others.

Besides the obvious benefit of fewer chargers to the end user, there are significant environmental benefits.  Here’s some fun facts from the article:

  • A French study estimates that 51 million cell phone chargers go obsolete every 20 months.
  • The GSM Association says cast-off chargers generate some 51,000 tons of waste per year (some of this must be hazardous; they are electrical components, after all).

I have a drawer full, I might add.  I see that my local AT&T store has a drop box for older phones; I wonder if they take chargers as well.

Read the whole article: “Mobile Phone Makers to Standardize Chargers by 2012”.

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