Vegas Vacation Recap, Part 3 – Sunrise on the Strip

What’s a week in Vegas without an all-nighter? My knee-jerk response is “a week in Vegas? Are you crazy?
However, in that my days were spent keeping the kids entertained, I took a night for myself and had a great time. After the littles were tucked, I got on my way.

The weather was still hot (not quite the 107 we’d seen earlier in the week), but hot enough to drive me into every casino as I wended my way between the Circus Circus and the Aladdin.

Along the way I visited the Stardust, the Frontier, the Venetian, the Mirage, Caesars Forum Shops (which were closed, but the clubs were rocking), Caesars Casino (much larger than the last time I visited), Barbary Coast, Bally’s, MGM Grand and Paris. I noticed a definite “upscale” presence as I moved southward and think we’ll stay at either Treasure Island (now called simply “TI”) or Excalibur the next time we visit. The Monorail map is useful to see the properties.

I also got to play in many of the casinos on the list, taking or losing small amounts. I was really keen to see all the casinos, rather than settle down for a night of craps (but, I would have certainly stuck around for a promising pass). I was up about $200 when I got to the Aladdin (see “The Pink Chip” post). My Craps play is described in my “I play Craps” post.

Walking through the themed casino I saw lush gardens, tony restaurants and posh shops. Vegas is also big on décor, and everything is “just so” in the higher-end properties. Despite the fact I didn’t want to “miss” the Vegas experience, I kept my headset on (I listen to European Trance) while on the street. Dealers will politely request you remove headphones at the tables, as they’re keen to avoid any outside help.

Heh. As if outside help can beat the house. Whatever. Better to comply, rather than be booted. As much as I enjoy the Circus, it’s definitely the bargain end of the Strip. By the time I got to the Mirage and the Forum Shops, I realized it’d be worth a bit more in hotel to stay at the other end.

Returning to the Circus (I chose to walk back), I got to watch the sun rise on another beautiful day. I was not the last bit tired, but keen for a shower (still warm out) and a few hours sleep before we hit the ‘dome. Despite the lights and the traffic, sunrise on the Strip is an amazing transition time: It’s not so much as a transition from night to day; it’s more of a shift from brightly-lit night to tired day, as though the Strip itself wanted a rest from the action. There were a few moments of peace, but they were more of a sigh than rejuvenation.

This is part of five articles. While I saw / did enough for ten, these remained a part of my memory by the time I got to the keyboard. Links to all the articles follow:

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